Seattle Blasts Ahead, Victoria Locked in 1950

You can now take a tram from U-Dub (University of Washington) through downtown to Seatac airport. But our neighbor is just getting warmed up. While Seattle embraces the future with tens of billions of dollars of new rail transit lines, Victoria languishes.

Today, Seattle is unique among American cities in that it’s actually increasing transit’s share of the transportation market. In the US and Canada, infrastructure is so car-centered that there’s no change happening. For example, this aerial shot of the North Berkeley BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station shows a transit station surrounded by a “parking moat”. This land should have housing and small businesses. Poor land use like this shows why housing is so astronomically expensive in the Bay Area. 

By Louis Guilbault, of Victoria BC. I have no financial connection to any rail manufacturer or consultant. Please contact regarding errors or omissions.

For more background on General Motors’ and others’ roles in destroying electric railways in the US, see Taken for a Ride, an informative 1996 PBS production, on youtube.