Above, crossing the river into downtown Pittsburgh can get you into a real pickle. 

Above, line dancing contest at the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival.

Learning From ... Pittsburgh?!

In Victoria, the transit share of the transportation market is about half what it is in Pittsburgh. One reason can be found comparing the Pennsylvania city to Detroit. Pittsburgh has a 40% tax on parking, and Detroit has no tax.

The result is clear from the two maps above. In the map of Detroit at left, orange and red represent parking. You can see downtown is overwhelmingly parking lots.

In Pittsburgh, by contrast, parking is shown by red, blue and grey. A much higher proportion of the city is actual buildings.

The website Livability rated Pittsburgh the number five most livable city in the US in 2016.


This page is a recap of an excellent 2013 web Streetsblog USA article by Angie Schmidt. Did Progressive Parking Policies Propel Pittsburgh Past Detroit?, Aug. 23.

Compare an aerial shot of Detroit with one of Victoria, and the two are eerily similar: vast areas covered with surface parking lots.

By Louis Guilbault, of Victoria BC. I have no financial connection to any rail manufacturer or consultant. Please contact regarding errors or omissions.

For more background on General Motors’ and others’ roles in destroying electric railways in the US, see Taken for a Ride, an informative 1996 PBS production, on youtube.