Above, Birmingham UK chief engineer Herbert Manzoni (left) got rid of trams and blasted apart the city to build freeways and high-rise housing projects.


Bus exhaust can't hurt you! Really! it just has to smell nice. Experts say so. Click for story (PDF).

Corporate welfare in Oklahoma. Click for story (PDF).

Grumpy New Yorkers. Click for story (PDF).

French premier and president Georges Pompidou didn't just build a freeway along the right bank of the Seine River in Paris, he wanted to fill the river in to add more lanes.

Norm Smith of Lexington KY was one of the small businessmen the bus cartel recruited to mask corporate involvement.

Seattle engineer Marmion Mills was Sloan's #1 henchman. He was proud of personally destroying 15 tram systems. Woo hoo Marm!